Learning Nuke – helpful notes

Keywords/ Nuke vocabulary

DAG – Directed acyclic graph (AKA. Node Graph)

Flow(process tree)- Imagine a flow of water, analyses one node and passes the next like a flow of water.

Upstream– “Nodes before the current nodes” 1*

Downstream – “Nodes after the current nodes” 1*

Pipe – Lines which connect the nodes

Blackpoint – The colour chosen- Higher the numbers the stronger the black colours when editing colour.

Whitepoint– The colour chosen – Higher the numbers the lower the highlights.

Codec – “a device or program that compresses data to enable faster transmission and decompresses received data.” (google define)

Linear Colour – 

Gamma – Editing the mid tones. Gamma value is 2.2, to make the gamma curve straight 0.454545 on alpha channel.


Write Node [W key shortcut]– A write node “defines” which section of process tree to render, where to render to, what file type and name the render. Create a folder in the properties to define where you want the render to end up. (top right folder on the line of file). Then name the file. File sequence is quicker than a movie file to render in Nuke.

When naming a file sequence, create a name is vital for frame padding. You can tell nuke of frame padding by using #. Such as ####4.jpg or using %04d (for being the amount of frame padding). You have to add frame padding yourself. Give the file a format such as jpg, tif. Finally separate with dots.  

File name example: myfile.%04d.tif.

alternatively for movie renders, just name and add movie format no frame padding is needed.

Pre mult- 

Mental ray renderer – 

Black Magic camera –

[Definitions are from class or:

1* Nuke 101 Professional compositing and visual effects- Ron Ganbar, Peachpit press. 2011, Berkeley

http://www.nukepedia.com/ [good resource]


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