Character Synopsis- Window Scene


I really liked all my ideas but I decided to go with the Teen love scenario. I thought this one would fit in the short 7 seconds time limit, and let me play around with the rig more in preparation for the final animation! Above is the initial moodboard I created on previous post! The next step is to write the character synopsis. The synopsis will allow me to develop the characteristics and understand my character.

Character is 16, in love for the first time. Very silly and dramatic this character trusts easy and spends her day watching movies. Enjoys dance specifically seeing life as a musical. The character is an only child and lives with her mother. Her parents are divorced recently. As her mother is out at work a lot she has learnt to be independent. Other than her mother she Idolises her grandparents relationship. Lives in England in present time.  The character is hyper and lanky. 

“I prefer to stay in my dream world, in which I can believe in anything I want to, without limits, without judgements, full of love and meaning.”
– Kimiya Justus

“To me, one of the basic elements in defining the personality of an animated charter is to show the same action performed by two separate characters. No one does the same thing in the same way- no one.” 

Miyazaki, Hayao 1996 (english translated: 2009). Starting Point 1979 ~ 1996. Japan (english translated:San Francisco) : Studio Ghibli Inc (english translated: Viz Media).

I wanted to remind myself at this point of the above quote from the book “Starting Point”. Every character is different therefore my animation should clearly be unique to my character and express in the way the character would do.

To remind myself of the 7 acting tips for animators Ed Hook suggested ( fully explored in research tab) I am going to relate them to my character test.

  1. “Thinking leads to movement and emotion”. –



My character thinks she hears a car, she is happy, joyfully travels to the window.Is disappointed when no one is there. “Why is he so late”

2. “Acting is reacting. Acting is doing.”  

Reacting to no one outside, she calculates this in her mind reacts and then moves away.

3. “Your Character needs to have an objective.”

The objective is what motivates the character and the way it is portrayed. She happily skips to the window because she wants to see her love. Her objective is crushed because no one is there.

4. “Your character should play an action until something happens to make him play a different action. ”  

In my scenario my character runs to the window, her action changes when the lack of presence from her loves counterparts force her to change,

5. “All actions begin with movement.”        

When my character is moving away from the window, there is movement from her internal thought, be in eye movement or hands. Movements can bring animation to life!

6. “Empathy is the magic key. Audiences empathise with emotion.”

We want the audience to connect because thats why we are doing the animations to begin with! I want my character to be bubbly and innocent but I don’t want t make her stupid and idiotic that the audiences do not relate.

7. “A scene is a negotiation.”      

Remember the scene is a negotiation the audiences want to see theatrical dramatics they don’t want to watch paint dry. Pacing is still important though!

Now I have considered some of those tips I am going to have an analysis of the character. What makes her tick?! Why does she want to dance into the room?


Now I have considered some of those tips I am going to have an analysis of the character. What makes her tick?! Why does she want to dance into the room? Why is she disappointed? Questions questions questions!! All of these queries will hopefully allow me to make a strong character.

Some references –


Above is a clip from Rio 2, (could only find the Hebrew version) showing “star crossed” lovers as it were, being the poisonous frog is in love with the bird. This clip is really nicely animated and shows the excitement and passion of love. I think what makes this so successful is the playfulness and the comicality of the way  frog moves. The facial expressions as well as the body make the piece,but also how they took into consideration how the frog would move and played on it. From this piece we can tell certain thing about the frog – she is dramatic, strong willed, curious, romantic.



“I like you; your eyes are full of language.”

[Letter to Anne Clarke, July 3, 1964.]”
― Anne Sexton

Liesl Von Trapp in the Sound of music.


Liesl was one of the characters I thought of and was inspired by. The performance isn’t world class but it creates empathy. A lot of the audiences understand that first love and feeling like you just want to dance. Liesel is the same age as my character. You can see how she is still childlike and playful but acting like she is older at the same time.

Maria in Pretty in Pink


This scene is really well known, I think like the above clip it shows how pretty the character feels. Again the adrenaline of being young, being in love, feeling something you have never felt before. This embodied into the carefree spirit of Maria.

The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color—oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples… —Anna Godbersen


giphy (6)tumblr_lk7oo5LJaH1qew6kmo1_500

Expressing how you feel, I think that it is good to reference some platonic dancing that expresses how the character feels. I think the “Fruit basket” in Breakfast club is one of my favourite characters to watch. I think it is because when she is talking so quiet but as soon as she begins to dance she is so much wilder like a Kate Bush tribute act.

giphy (8).gif

Baby from Dirty dancing is another girl who has fallen in love for the first time. I wanted to identify this silly moment when Baby no longer feels like a girl but a woman. She is playful, careful to see who is coming.





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