Window Scene ideas

For the first brief for this term we have been asked to create a short 10 second animation that features a character going to the window, reacting to something then saying something (lip sync!)

Below are some of my ideas for this scene.

Checks to see who knocked on the door, hides from them. “Who is that!”

6KBGj giphy (3) tumblr_nr3fo6fymn1tepew7o1_500

“He runs the motel his mother owns.

But Mother is insane

Norman covers up the murder;

We learn at the end that “Mother” is Norman himself who developed a split personality after murdering his real mother and her lover in a fit of jealousy.

Unable to bear the guilt,

he took on her personality to persuade himself that she was still alive.

Even more ghoulishly, he stole her corpse and preserved it,

 We find this shy, nervous young man is lonely.

He’s mostly alone with his mother, a situation he clearly regrets.

We find that Norman is an amateur taxidermist,

He likes to stuff birds because they’re passive creatures. He couldn’t bear to stuff more aggressive animals, like foxes, chimps, dogs, etc.

Norman’s own passive behavior switches suddenly to anger when the conversation turns back to his mother, and the girl suggests that he have her put away in an institution. Outraged and almost frightened, he tells her that his mother is not insane: “She just goes a little mad sometimes.” He quickly regains his composure.

Watches her through a peephole as she takes off her clothes.
Like the dutiful son, he covers up the crime. He wraps the corpse in the shower curtain, puts it in the trunk of the girl’s car along with all her other belongings and drives the car out to a swamp. He sinks the car and returns home.

J. Spurlin. (2011). Biography for Norman Bates (Character) . Available: Last accessed 13.1.16.

Shy, childlike. Obsessed with mother/what mother has repeatedly told him. Lonely. No friends or any other companion other than mother. Guilt complex for murdering his mother.


Above is an initial moodboard I created in order to get a sense of how the character could move or feel. Why would he move in this way? I want to look more into the physiology and psychology of this character if I was to pursue it. I think the character would be more childlike as he is scared of his mother. I like the image with the little boy crying with the police man this is to me how Norman Bates is like in his internal thought.

Rushes to the window, when they think they hear a car, realises no one is there looks sad.  



Character, young teens maybe 16.

 I felt a character like Liesl from sound of music.

Quite childlike and excited but the character is headstrong.

The character could be having first love, someone who reads and watches romance and is bubbly.

But the character knows themselves and is able to reassure themselves.


The gifs below are from Funny girl and Funny face. Barbra Streisand as Fanny Bryce is someone who does not take themselves very seriously. She portrays this bubbly character beautifully but is still able to capture the rawness of a broken heart. Audrey Hepburn in funny face shows a bubbly, loveable character, who again is confident and self assure. I think Audrey Hepburn is able to play innocence very easily. Below you can see some Gifs from “16 going on 17” in The Sound of Music. Liesl is young and trusting, her carefree attitude is something I could analyse further.  “Lisel, headstrong and determined, but sometimes that facade wears away to reveal an inner innocence and naïveté. A true romantic, you wear your heart on your sleeve (and have probably had it broken at least once!). You’re affectionate and devoted to your friends and family.”

Emotions are Happiness> Disappointment

530a22f37d3f7e9fabc670891ccc81c3 tumblr_loqcalt4621qgf6ino1_500 tumblr_llb9vr0byB1qazrtxo1_500 tumblr_mz1c4mra8N1skme6qo1_500tumblr_mquzg6jVSb1stvn7eo1_500tumblr_lyfqjf7jrh1rn7dyeo1_500 tumblr_m8r1a59P281qgx2ojo2_250 tumblr_mfkk3yfvqU1rous6uo1_250  tumblr_neulzmieVt1rojzw8o1_500

Moodboard below

Above is an initial moodboard I created that is meant to show how my character feels.

Character looks out the window notices the home owner are coming back. Hides behind the wall. (Maybe a detective or a spy or a burglar)

My final idea is a character who realises the homeowners are coming into the driveway. This character would be a someone who thinks they know what they are doing, internal dialogue of nerves, exterior of being calm.

tumblr_mjmbujVqJd1rwy7yjo3_250 giphy tumblr_mj3qdq0xwW1riyibxo1_500 tumblr_nwok2yycC11r0ku4mo4_500 tumblr_nvwjyt32de1sqpdido2_400





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