Changing the task

Mike decided to changing the practice test, instead of a character going to a window reacting, the character would now do a jump.



The example Mike showed us was:

In this video you can see the buzz test which shows him jumping and dancing to seduce Jesse. With this in mind Mike spoke about how important reference was. Further to the point, not just to copy a reference but to deconstruct it and use and throw away parts of it.In the video above you can see how the animator used references of himself to put into his work. This was the theme today and below you can see how we began to record ourselves. The importance of reference.

After planning out as many possible jumps and a brief idea as to why the character did the jump we were asked to take some reference videos for an hour.



I came up with several ideas and the four that I liked the best were below. 

Child playing hot lava game. When I was I was younger and many other children around the world used to play this game. Consisting of avoiding the floor in fear a white shark would get you or you would be burnt by Lava. Obviously this was make believe but very fun and energetic. What I want to take from the Buzz video above is the amount of personality that pours from the work. In animation you can exaggerate the moves more which is a bit harder when referencing because of gravity! I do like this idea but I think that I may go with another story.

Basic Synopsis:

Carefree, child of 3 who can’t speak properly yet. Tendency to make up own words and giggle. Only child that is bubbly and energetic. Tends to disappear when parents turn back. Frustrated when things dosen’t go her way. Before this jump child weirdly speaks gibberish and playfully jumps. Ends up laughing.



Catching the Bouquet! 

The second Idea that I really liked was catching the bouquet. I think this a really cool piece to pursue because it leaves a lot of room to put personality in. Especially because there is such a clear motive. Two years ago I went to a wedding and caught the bouquet myself so I kind of understand the excitement. If I was to re-clarify the synopsis and re film this could be an interesting story to carry out. Especially if the person didn’t catch it.

Me with the prized bouquet, looking overly happy.


If I was going to take this idea further one of the references I could possibly look at is my Best Friends Wedding which at the beginning plays on loved up women. I think I could draw on the dancing quirks to incorporate it into my jump.

Basic Synopsis:

Excitable young girl. This girl is highly competitive who studies and organises work meticulously. She does not like to loose and considers her self a feminist. Dosen’t want to come off to excited but does not want to lose. Very dramatic and comical. When the audience watch this I want them to laugh!


Trying to fly.  

We’ve all been there, daydreaming as to what the sensation of flight would feel like. We gaze enviously at the birds that soar. But sadly no matter how hard we try the earths gravitational pull deny us such a delight. So this is the idea for my third idea. I wanted it to evolve around a daydreamer so maybe a child who naively attempts to fly. I wanted the character to feel elegant and gracefully at the beginning but sadly ends no so.

Worthing Birdman 2015 (Day 1). Picture by Eddie Mitchel. A good reference point for this idea would be to look at the Worthing Birdman pier jump in which people jump of the pier in elaborate costumes.

Rough Synopsis:

Before this scene, character has been obsessed with flight. Watches films about plane, documentaries about birds. Watches birds on youtube. Has a real obsession with flight. Likes to defend this obsession to anyone who challenges them. Quite Naive but likes to prove people wrong. Before the even they were idolising a bird taking flight. After they sadly fall to the ground.


An Old man jumping

The last idea of my top 4, was based around an old man who tries to attempt to jump. I wanted the character to be stubborn and someone who claims they know best even when that may not be the case..


One of my favourite characters in AristoCats is Georges Hautecourt. His character performance is so beautiful, and you really get a sense of his carefree attitude. This is a reference I could draw inspiration on, you can see how fragile the character is but at the same time how dramatically wild he is. Like a young man in an old man’s body!



Above is a scene from Cinderella, where the king jumps angrily in order to get at the duke guy with the monocle. I think this exaggerated soar is really effective, you can clearly see how the king is feeling.

Basic Synopsis:

Old Man

Stubborn old man of 91, fragile and needs a walking stick decides to show everyone he dosen’t need help. Throws away his walking stick proudly and attempts to jump.

Old man who was in the war as an RAF Officer. Seen a lot of the world and is very independent. Tendency to brush off other people’s advice. Happily likes to recall his memories, but can sharply defend himself.


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