Lip Syncing

Lip syncing is a important task in character performance. In this brief we were able to do inner or external dialogue. In class we were give this piece of dialogue to experiment with the dialogue.

Most useful Tools during the test 

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 16.52.03.png
Notice in this image, the timeline. The timeline was the most useful tool I was able to look at the dialogue as well as listen to it.
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.33.39
Making my own select Mel buttons. During the first stages specifically of blocking out the keyframes I used these buttons to make sure everything was selected, easily edit the graph editor and move the keys. A very useful tool indeed!


Working along side my jump test, Mike reminded us how important reference was and how to not just take but to exaggerate. This was a lip sync test so I used my own expressions as a reference point. As you can see below from some screen shots you can see how I drew inspiration from it. As well as the actual expressions the way my head naturally when forward and backwards with emphasis was something I ended up using in my final test shot.

I filmed a lot of different videos till I felt like I could see something in it I liked. Below and above are too references I worked with at the time.



The Rig

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.40.21

Before beginning the animation I tried to play around with the wig and understand the capacity of the Rig. It worked really well especially the hair animation and the ability of the lips.

I am using Claire for the other jump task. The main difference between Claire and Tom, is tom has more pins in his arms. It is good as Tom stops when it has twisted a certain way too far this isn’t a feature in Claire so if done wrong you can a unappealing 360 twist.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.32.13

When I was doing this task I wasn’t sure how to progress after stepped keyframes, I decided to work with the stepped but hand going into every attribute and editing it to linear/plateau. If there was a nice pause with stepped then I would play around with it. I think it was nice to add more subtle movements like the eyebrows to more distinctive body jerks. I still feel like there is a lot I could change with it, but sadly I ran out of time.

Above is a compilation of the different steps I took to get to my end result. (Well as far as I could ) I began with Stepped> Then adding Stepped eye movements, cheeks> Changing the timing as the “FOR” was off> manipulating the graph and changing the tangents>Adding stepped body movements.





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