Final model and Evaluation

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.46.13

Below is my final model. I created this using Zbrush. This was the first time I had ever used Zbrush, so I was a complete novice when it came to using the modelling software. I was able to pick it up easily enough but I feel there is still so much I need to explore and perfect.  I enjoyed this project because I was really able to take on board what we learnt in character performance along side this one. I chose to pursue a character called Viola who lived in the 1920s. Her characteristics (fully explained on previous post) is comedic, naive and seductive. Although this may seem conflicting, the sides don’t all occur at once. Although as a model you can’t really see the character move or act but I truly believed developing the character at the beginning meant I was able to grasp who she was and in turn make a character I felt was fitting.


10583345_10207655402637343_1539716467_o12422453_10207655356796197_120316891_o copyz12421942_10207655402317335_1868268696_o copy12822641_10207655402517340_448608798_o copy

I spent a lot of time researching in the study zone and analysing silent movie actresses. I made several moodboards to see how females at this time moved. Why is this important? Well if I was going to rig it the character needs to be able to meet my requirements. I wanted her to have long limbs so that she express her self in a dramatic way. I gave her some features which would help the silhouette stand out amongst other characters. Her shoulders are very sloping which at the time was seen as beautiful. I also emphasised the length of her neck. Another feature which I wanted to really establish was the profile/ nose. I wanted the profile to sweep into the nose. And the nose to be extremely defined. These features was something I looked at from the designing stages to its current look.

As I stated I spent a lot of time drawing and trying to choose a character which would work with my characteristics in my synopsis. I feel I spent a little too much time in this stage which consequently meant I had less time sculpting and modelling. This is something which I need to hone down if and when I do my next Zbrush character. I don’t regret it however as it really did help me when coming to make my final character.  For example I took up some time by making the little clay bust of my character but it was so useful to actually hold the head of my character see what elements I need to hone in or exaggerate. It also helped me to consider how to build up the face of the character in zBrush.

12325636_10207655355156156_228335902_o copy

The hardest bit for me during this zBrush project was trying to model the eyelids! I found it difficult to build over the eyeballs and I spent a lot of time doing this. I also spent a whole day doing the zspheres so that the model had a good foundation to work on. Furthermore I knew that my character was stylised and therefore did not need me to build alot of muscle definition. Therefore to get the form correct I aimed to create a good structure with zspheres. Another weak point of my model is the feet. I am not happy with them at all and if I had more time I would had redone them. However it is good however to see where I can improve for next time.

Next term we will be carrying out a rigging project. If I was going to rig this character I would make sure that the arms and legs allowed for clumsy and dramatic movements. I will make her cupids bow and eyebrows very manipulative so that I could get a sense of her weirdness. This is something which i found hard using some of the other rigs as the arms were limiting to how I could manipulate it.

There are several things which I would like to change to this model if I had more time such as: the feet, and also the neck I feel like i wish it was thicker. These are things which I will make sure to consider to begin with specifically the feet as they were really hard to model.

To conclude! I really enjoyed this project as it let me develop another software skill, it also relied on my designs to make a character which was suitable for my synopsis. I was able to understand a stage of animating i had not previously done, I will now understand what I would like to tell a modeller if they were ever developing my design! I think i did really well for my first attempt at zBrush. Till next time using it.

Look below to see my progress.


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