R&D Final Breakdown Video and Declaration


R & D Report – 250 words

For this unit we were asked to select a role and choose a R&D project. I chose Character Animation as my role and the project I chose was “2D and 3D”. I have always been interested in 2D animation and combining the workflow of 3D. For this project I researched into shaders and looked into textures. One of my main inspirations was Paper man. I wanted to merge 3D and 2D hand animation. I didn’t want the computer just to create the piece but for me to have artistic decisions. When working in 2D I wanted to add extra elements of character animation, overlapping hair over exaggerating further. I didn’t want it to look tacky I wanted to put my own flair into it. I did lots of different tests, rendering out maya vectors and outlines separately compositing them together, animating together. I ran out of the time to finish hand illustrating over at the end but I will continue this. I really thought how to develop and solved my own problems such as creating my own paper texture to capture motion of rig. I looked closely at other’s workflow who created similar work. They used 3D to animate the character and camera motion but took it into 2D by creating an illustration style. Overall I enjoyed looking into this progress as it is something I have always wanted to do since seeing Paper man. Unlike the in house software at Disney I had to work out a lot on my own to get to the end result.


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